How does nuclear energy, nuclear power, advantages and disadvantages.
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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is the energy obtained by manipulating the internal structure of atoms. Nuclear energy may be obtained by dividing the nucleus (nuclear fission) or by the joining of two atoms (nuclear fusion).

Nuclear energy is mainly used to produce electricity Generally, this energy (obtained in the form of heat) is used to generate electricity in nuclear power plants, but can be used in many other applications.

This is a website that is constantly expanding and reviewing their contents so if you come back in from time to time possibly you will find new information.

The authors of this web site do not belong to any group related to he nuclear power and we ar not to favor or in opposition to the employment of this tecnology. This project is funded entirely by advertising on the web.

Our goal is simply to explain with utmost objectivity and simplicity everything that surrounds nuclear power: how a nuclear power plant works, nuclear reaction types, advantages and disadvantages when it comes to generating power by nuclear plants, a little history, etc.

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